22 Dec 2014

Sunspots and 10m

Sunspot number today has climbed to 159 but 10m propagation is forecast to be only "fair", so 10m propagation may not be as good as yesterday. So far this morning 4Z5SM (3523km) is the best DX spot of my 500mW 10m beacon.

UPDATE 1550z:  Martin G8JNJ reports 10m AM signals coming in well around 29.050MHz. I am getting plenty of USA WSPR reports of my 500mW beacon again today. Conditions on 10m certainly seem better than "fair".


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

Some good strong AM signals on 10m today all around 29.050MHz


Martin - G8JNJ

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Martin. I love 10m AM.