5 Dec 2014

Stateside on 10m today

This afternoon has, again, been good with lots of spots of my 500mW 10m WSPR from North America. These are just some of the spots this afternoon, showing in time order.  As you see, most spots are from North America.
UPDATE 1745z:  K4COD (6826km) is still spotting me.

UPDATE 1906z:  KB1TLC (4983km) spotted by 500mW WSPR on 10m at 1812z. At the moment, this looks like the last spot today from North America, although I shall be on for a while yet.

UPDATE 1922z:  Currently,WSPRnet is showing 61 stations active on 10m WSPR. However, if the propagation is not there, stations cannot be copied.
UPDATE 2000z:  Just G0LRD (25km)  running 50mW now being copied on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 2003z:  I may try 6m WSPR tomorrow to see if there is any wintertime Es.

UPDATE 2230z:  Now QRT.

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