6 Dec 2014

QSYed to 472kHz

At around 1515z, I QSYed down to MF (472kHz) WSPR and immediately spotted PA3ABK/2 (306km) when using my short baseline earth-electrode "antenna".

Already, G0LRD (25km) and G8HUH (250km) have spotted me on 472kHz WSPR. The earth-electrode antenna does really work pretty well both on RX and TX despite my very low ERP (5mW) on the band.

UPDATE 1624z:  PA0O (440km) also spotted on RX.

UPDATE 1832z:  G7NKS (46km) has now come on and is spotting me.

UPDATE 1800z: G8LCO (58km) now spotting me.

UPDATE 2100z:   Best DX on RX so far this evening is F1AFJ (607km) at -29dB S/N at 1946z.

UPDATE 2318z:   My 472kHz 5mW ERP WSPR will remain on overnight using the earth-electrode "antenna".

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