7 Dec 2014

10m WSPR Stateside

My 1634z 500mW 10m WSPR transmission was spotted by 9 different stations. Most of these were in the USA. When the band is open to North America, as it has been every day for weeks and weeks now in the afternoons, 500mW seems quite enough to be copied very well over there. Increasing power to 5W makes very little difference.

Once the path closes, more power does not help. One may get a better report and the band may remain open for a few more minutes, but that is all.

1634z 500mW 10m WSPR TX transmission
UPDATE 1940z:   K3GEN (5883km) at 1744z seems to be the last USA station spotted here on 10m WSPR this evening. The last spot of my 10m 500mW WSPR was by N2BJW (5262km) a few minutes earlier at 1738z.

UPDATE 2218z:   Spotting G0LRD (25km) running 50mW and G4IKZ (18km) spotting me. Now going QRT.

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