23 Nov 2014

Unbelievable prices!

See http://www.banggood.com/T-688-0_5W-UHF-Auto-Channels-Mini-Radios-Walkie-Talkie-Pair-Black-p-920432.html .

I cannot believe these prices. £13.91 for a pair covering 400-470MHz, 500mW, with free shipping to the UK. That is under £7 each for a 70cm transceiver from Bang good.  Just how do they make any profit? Buy 3 sets and it is even cheaper.  Quite remarkable!

The link says T688 but the photo T668. Not sure which is the correct number but the link works.

The rigs run from 3 x AAA batteries (each) and the price does not include a charger.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

These porto's are for the 8 PMR channels only, so you can't use them between 400-470MHz.

73, Erwin

Roger G3XBM said...

No Erwin, although I agree these are just 8 channels, the description suggests they can be reprogrammed anywhere 400-470MHz, so 500mW on 70cms (8 channels) should be possible.

G1KQH said...

Guess they are already programmed up for PMR446? But a good price all the same, ideal for adjusting an aerial while up a ladder' or down the shops and the XYL has forgotten the eggs.

I see I have got you addicted to this Banggood malarky Roger!

73 Steve

YO9IRF said...

They look similar to Cobra MT115, that retails around here (24% VAT and other taxes included) around the equivalent of 14.5 GPB/pair. To be honest, I think those are regular PMR446 walkie-talkies and the 400-470 label is just a mistake.