25 Nov 2014

My brain

I am still puzzled by my brain functioning.

Most mental functions seem fine, but when I do an email or blog post I seem slow to spot errors like spelling mistakes or missing full stops. Usually, I try to correct errors before sending, but looking back I still spot mistakes that I've missed. It is as if my brain needs far more time to actually see the mistake. This must be yet another stroke related thing. Driving seems absolutely fine: I am not giddy and I feel in good control.

If you see blog errors please tell me. I want to correct the errors and know when my brain is not doing its job right.


Anonymous said...

Proofing your own writing is something outside regular activity, most fully fit people have problems proofing their own stuff, you skip read your own words because you have just written them so you KNOW what you have written- that stops reading every word letter by letter, we tend to recognise the overall shape of words as an outline to save time , we also know the logical argument too.
When you read someone else's words you don't know what follows so we read more deeply and can see slips. Every printed word is normally proofed at least once, still stuff can creep through in pro edited copy.
So don't worry, it's a BLOG not the Times.

It is also true that the more you write the more oddities can happen, you are producing over THREE times annually as much as you did in all previous years so you might be being very hard on yourself.

Alan G8LCO

Anonymous said...


I read you blog fairly regularly, and you do a fantastic job of writing and proofing your blog. I see more errors in major online news articles than here.

Don't stress it, your doing a great job.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you everyone for your encouragement.