30 Nov 2014

First 10m stateside reception of my 500mW WSPR

My first report on 10m WSPR today was at 1150z by KE6BID (5295km) who spotted me at -21dB S/N. This station is located west of Boston, -23dB S/N.  New England, USA.   This is early, boding well for the day on 10m.

Apart from the USA, most stations spotting me are in Russia and nearer Asia. G8KNN (local) is also spotting me.

UPDATE 1241z:   Several other stations (the usual suspects!) spotting my 10m 500mW WSPR now in the eastern USA.

UPDATE 1245z:   M0ITF (170km) is being spotted here on 10m WSPR. Good to see some GDX. I did not check the waterfall in time to see if this was pure tropo or maybe aircraft reflections or F-layer backscatter. Nonetheless -19dB S/N was a decent report for 5W on 10m at this distance. In years go by I'd regularly work this sort of range on 10W with 10m SSB, so pure tropo is quite possible.

UPDATE 1450z:   Spotted CX2ABP (11127km) at 1442z on 10m WSPR at -23dB S/N. He was running 5W, so I am probably still too weak to copy at his end in South America.

UPDATE 1630z:   CX2ABP (Montevideo, Uruguay) has now been spotted here 9 times today already at up to -19dB S/N.  He has not copied my 500mW yet.

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