24 Nov 2014

Bang good portables

There is some confusion over these radios. Although some are limited in the number of channels and some may come pre-programmed, for example, for the  European licence free 446MHz band, several models (such as the ones shown yesterday) say they can be re-programmed in the 400-470MHz range. If so, they would make very low cost 70cms portables.

 On the Bang good website there are even lower cost units for the USA market.


Anonymous said...

I have a single Baofeng BF888s that I brought from eBay fro £13. Easily reprogrammed using the data cable and software. Just 2watts out but can open the Hastings repeater GB3HE on 70 from my QTH over 24 miles away.

73 m3hxe

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks OM. It would be good to confirm these little 8 channel radios can be re-programmed for the 70cm band. I "think" the answer is yes they can.