27 Nov 2014

500mW on 10m. Going QRT shortly.

For a lot of today I have been on 10m WSPR with the FT817 on TX at 20% TX time and on RX for the remainder of time. With the WSPR-AXE beacon, I am on TX for 100% of the time, but the frequency randomly moves around over 100Hz of the 200Hz wide WSPR allocation to minimise the chance of being clobbered by other higher powered stations.

I shall be going QRT very shortly on 10m, but will be on 10m WSPR again in the morning. For several hours now I have only been copied by local G4IKZ and have copied no stations at all.

UPDATE 2305z:  Now gone QRT.  There was a weak station that did not decode copyable just before I closed. There was no Doppler, suggesting this might have been a non-G station, but I shall never know.

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