18 Oct 2014

WSPR - V4.0 r4171

For the last few days I have been using this latest beta version of WSPR software. It appears to work stably but I miss the real-time scrolling waterfall that was on WSPR-X, which I gather is no longer being developed.  The version V4.0 r4171 I have is the best available, or so I am told.

At the moment I am trying this software on 12, 15 and 17m with the "strapped feeder" antenna via the ATU.

UPDATE 1632z:  Have now gone back to 472kHz WSPR.

UPDATE 2150z:  29 unique stations spotted on 472kHz WSPR in last 2 weeks. I need to check the all time number, which is higher. Right across Europe! The 2 USA stations are band reporting errors and were NOT on 472kHz!

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