13 Oct 2014

Real 10m WSPR DX appears

TJ3TS (5478km) in Cameroon has just been spotted here on 10m WSPR.  This is the first "real" DX that has been seen so far. I suspect greater distances will be logged soon as the band "warms up". Pretty sure this is F2 propagation.

UPDATE 1100z:  CX2ABP (11127km) has just been spotted for the first time today on 10m. 4X1RF (3519km) has spotted me a few times already.#

UPDATE 1330z:  My first USA spot was at 1200z.  Plenty of stateside stations since then. The 10m band is well open to the USA.

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Anonymous said...

The weekend was just great for 10m,
Running 0.5W I was able to make 25 SSB contacts from 'barefoot' RxTX Ensemble SDR kit. Still good now, but weekend was spectacular. G6AIG Hugh.