17 Oct 2014

Back on 472kHz WSPR

This evening I have returned to my 5mW ERP WSPRing on 472kHz.  As yet, just the same stations are spotting me and being spotted. All being well, I shall leave things running through the night. Hopefully the PC will not decide to close down at 3am as it did last night. G3ZJO is a better signal now and he seems to be receiving better. I am on the "strapped feeders" antenna tonight rather than the earth-electrode. Incidentally, SP5XSB has been very pleased with MF results with his low milliwatts ERP signal from his earth-electrode antenna.

UPDATE 1922z:  F1AFJ (607km) is already being spotted here at -30dB S/N (just) at 1922z.  He is some way down in France JN06ht square. Half an hour later he was 6dB stronger

UPDATE 2145z:  F5WK (436km) has been spotted here 21 times already this evening on 472kHz WSPR. His signal has averaged about -21dB S/N so far, peaking at -17dB S/N. He is located in the Pairs area and claims to use 500mW ERP.

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