15 Oct 2014

Back on 10m for now

Yesterday and overnight I tried 472kHz using the 12m baseline earth-electrode antenna. No new reporters but the results are good.

For a while now I have been back on 10m WSPR.   Plenty of Spanish,  Austrian and Swedish activity and best DX so far Israel 4X1RF (3519km). No great DX as yet but the band should open to the USA shortly.

UPDATE 1255z:  WG2Z (5600km) was the first USA station to spot me today on 10m WSPR at 1200z.

UPDATE 1505z: 10m has been very good to the USA all afternoon. It really is too easy with plentiful spots in both directions.  I have a visitor until about 1615z, but will then change bands, probably to 160m.#

UPDATE 1514z:  The lack of S.Americans  - only 51 stations active on 10m WSPR in the world at the moment - makes it look as if propagation is not there in that direction. I am sure if there were LU, CX or PY stations on 10m WSPR I would copy them pretty well right now. My visitor (speech therapist) has not turned up. She may be held up in traffic. She is normally very reliable.

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