14 Oct 2014

472kHz - directionality of earth-electrode "antenna"

Last night and today, my 5mW ERP on 472kHz WSPR from the 12m baseline earth-electrode "antenna" was copied by 9 unique stations with best DX being F6GEX (590km) in IN97 square. In a crude attempt to plot the directionality of the "antenna" I have shown the QTH squares in which I was received as purple coloured squares marked with a cross. Other purple squares shows where I received stations from too.
5mW ERP 472kHz - crossed + coloured squares shows where spotted
This is crude, but the directionality is roughly E-W I think, which makes sense. The reception by F6GEX (590km) in IN97 is south of west, but not orthogonal to the loop. DK7FC is very strong and I would expect to copy Stefan off the side of the loop.

I shall leave 472kHz running with the earth-electrode antenna again tonight.

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