15 Oct 2014

160m WSPR

For a total change I have fired up the "strapped feeders" antenna on 160m WSPR.  No spots yet given or received,  but UK/Europe activity is very low so far this evening.   If I manage to get out on 472kHz, it should work OK (but not brilliantly) on 160m.

Last night I meant to go on 70cms for the UKAC activity session, but I completely forgot about it!

UPDATE 1845z:  Best DX report, of me, is from OZ7IT (853km) at -24dB S/N.   My power out is 2W.  My ERP  (claimed as 1W) is more probably in the low mW region. I'll stay on 160m this evening, and probably overnight.
Early evening unique WSPR spots on 160m

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