16 Oct 2014

160m WSPR overnight

WSPR really is a very good mode. Overnight I left my 160m WSPR running, just using the strapped feeder to my V2000 and Par end-fed antenna tuned with an ATU against mains ground.

Even this most rubbish antenna seems to get me spots over 1000km on 160m WSPR when running 2W from the FT817. Although I claim 1W ERP, I suspect the real ERP is in the milliwatt region. Best DX spot was by SM7WZI (1007km) who copied me several times after midnight.  Tonight, I may try 80m for a change.
160m unique spots of my QRP last night
On 160m WSPR receive the best DX was OZ7IT at 853km:
160m unique WSPR spots on RX here

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