6 Oct 2014

10m WSPR results today

I have just been comparing my 10m WSPR results today with fellow local G0LRD (25km away). He is copying FAR more than I am this morning - stations across Europe, Russia and Australia whereas I have apparently copied NOTHING and I've only been spotted by the locals.  It could be antennas, WSPR-X playing up, or something else. I have just restarted WSPR-X in case this is the reason. Over the weekend I was getting spots from distant places with just 500mW.   It  is odd as G0LND was spotting RA3APW (2466km) running a genuine 100mW very well indeed. I used to work with RA3APW (Karen) years ago. I certainly should have copied this station. Odd.

UPDATE 1318z:  Well, I don't understand this at all. Nothing had changed (i.e all WSPR-X settings were as before which worked previously), but I had to switch WSPR-X  to Direct-X input before decodes were successful and were being uploaded. Now all seems to be well again after a wasted morning. I think I have to note which settings (i.e. PC assignment of audio settings) work, then make sure these are selected next time WSPR-X is opened, rather than assume the same PC settings are assigned when the software is opened. I think this was my problem earlier. Darn it.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, it could be soundcard settings? Could be you got IPO and ATT switched on? Or it could be the antenna/coax. So many different things you could check. There could also be a difference betweens WSPR-X and old WSPR 2. I don't know that for shure. But you could try. I just tested versions of JT65-HF and WSJT-X and compared receive. Lot's of differences between them. See my blog. 73, Bas

David (G0LRD) said...

As you know, I'm also using a FT-817ND, albeit with the standard XTAL (I seem to have got a lucky and got one that exhibits near zero drift).

I always leave IPO *ON* (i.e. no pre-amp). I can't see much point in raising the signal and the noise-floor by the same amount ;-) Pre-amps have a place, but only at the other end of the feed-line in my opinion.

My guess is that the only significant difference between us is the antenna. Mine is a simple horizontal dipole at about 7m, fed with about 15m of RG-8X (a little under 1dB loss on 10m).

Also, during working hours I have a fairly quiet local noise environment.

Another thought - It couldn't be the rain today perhaps? Is water getting in somewhere?

David G0LRD

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for the helpful inputs Bas and Dave. Seems it was soundcard settings, but no idea why anything should have changed! I think the PC must have decided I needed a fiddle!