5 Oct 2014

10m WSPR - locals compared

G4KPX (14km away) seems to be using the same power as me (I suspect another FT817?) but I am not sure what antenna he is using. I know Richard is very keen on magnetic loops. Looking at his spots sent and received he seems to be getting quite a few more than me.

I know my antenna could be better, but in my present poor health think it unlikely it will be changed.  It seems clear to me that I am missing some stations because of my antenna on 10m.

G0LRD (25km) seems to get fewer spots than Richard, but usually gets better results than me.

UPDATE 1325z: The first USA spot with me was at 1226z whereas with G4KPX was 3 hours sooner than me!  Antennas matter if you want first class results on 10m. Presumably whatever antenna G4KPX is using has a lower take-off angle and is more efficient.

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