23 Oct 2014

10m GDX

In along side the "real" DX on 10m WSPR today I notice G3ZTY (232km) and I were exchanging WSPR spots (-22dB S/N for my 2W signal) by what looks like tropo late lunchtime. I guess it could be F2 backscatter. There were also lots of Europeans as well as EI and GI stations too.


Dorset Backpacker said...

I don't think I normally spot you on 10m, but it was very consistent yesterday. I tried 6m later, with no luck, but there is hardly anyone there anyway. Antenna on 6m is only a dipole in the loft, but that is better than the 80m dipole fed off centre which is OK on 10m.
John G3ZTY

Roger G3XBM said...

John - thanks for your spots. Interesting distance. Backscatter?