25 Sep 2014

USA at last on 10m WSPR today!

Well, just as I was about to QSY down to 472kHz, blow me if 10m doesn't open to the USA!   N4AU (6976km) was spotting my 2W at -6dB S/N at 1854z and WA9JWL (6360km) at -17dB S/N at 1902z.   10m is an odd band - just when I was about to move off the band, it "comes good".

UPDATE 1922z: Interestingly, KZ8C was spotted by local G0LRD and KZ8C also spotted G0LRD too. But (certainly to this time) Dave has not been spotted by other USA stations.

UPDATE 2116z:   KZ8C (6290km) was spotted here at 1926z. Since then, just local G0LRD.

UPDATE 2153z:   A late spot at 2138z of G6NHU (78km) to end another day on the fascinating 10m band. Now QRT.

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