21 Sep 2014

Time to reduce 10m power to 500mW?

My 2W 10m WSPR is getting me daily spots from the USA now.  I think I should drop to 500mW now to see how it goes. USA spots of my signal will be fewer, but it is probably more than enough for a lot of the stations to still copy me as long as the noise floor is not the limitation at the RX end of the path. Sometimes, especially in urban areas, this can be a real issue.

UPDATE 1725z:  I reduced power to 500mW and my first spot was from AB4DF (6436km) in EM8ti square (at -20dB S/N). Both locals G0VQH and G0LRD also spotted me. I shall stick with 500mW for the rest of the evening on 10m WSPR.  In the next 500mW TX transmission I got 4 WSPR spots with best DX spot being from KD6RF (7547km) near Fort Worth, Texas.

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