28 Jul 2014

PSK Reporter maps

See https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html.

This is a really useful resource when using modes like JT9-1 and JT65. Even if you get no replies, the map gives a good idea of where your signals are reaching. As an example, I recently transmitted JT65 on 20m and worked OE5DML. As the map shows, my signals were widely received including in the USA.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, you should take a look at http://hamspots.net for some interesting spots. The nice thing is that you can see other activity on the bands as well. Through some very handy (band/mode) filters you can choose your bands like 10 and 6 meters JT65/JT9.
That way you're able to see if for instance there are some spots on 6m and at the same time your own spots when you're actually working 10m JT modes. Good luck, 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for the tip Bas.