20 Jul 2014

6m WSPR Es

In the last few minutes IK1WVQ (1084km) has been spotted a few times at up to -5dB S/N (strong) and HB9FGQ (804km) at -12dB S/N (pretty strong). There is still plenty of Es around on 6m.

Most spots were by local G4IKZ (18km) though.
6m WSPR spots this afternoon (so far)
UPDATE 1605z:  IK6HIR (1312km) has just spotted my 1W 6m ERP at an amazing +11dB S/N - stronger than if he was local. Phenomenal conditions.

UPDATE 1615z:  Strong signals on 6m now from OK1DX and OH7AI. This opening seems Europe wide.

UPDATE 1630z:  In terms of the spread and intensity, today here is one of the best days on 6m this season.  It would be nice to round off a great EU Es day with a transatlantic 6m opening.

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