13 Jun 2014

"WSPR has stopped working" message

I think this is a Windows 8.1 issue? It happened around 0700z this morning and has been fixed by resetting internet time and reopening the WSPR software. I wonder if it is linked to Windows doing an update?

Anyway, all is now fine and only about 1hr missed on 6m. So far just the usual STRONG reports from G4IKZ (18km) on 6m. I may QSY to a different band later for a change.
G4IKZ 6m spots of my 1W ERP so far this morning (13.6.14)
WSPRing on 6m needs patience: there are long periods of relative silence punctuated by a little DX activity, usually Es but occasionally GDX.  Most days in the last few weeks I have just let the software run to see what turns up. It has been rewarding. 

I just wish more east coast USA/Canadians would come on 6m WSPR.  If there are any stateside multi-hop 6m Es openings WSPR is the ideal mode to find them. You can then do other things at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Well it is FRIDAY 13th Roger.......

Alan G8LCO

David (G0LRD) said...

Have you tried WSPR-X? Although intended primarily for WSPR-15 testing, it fully supports WSPR-2. I prefer it because it matches the WSJT-X interface and the spectrogram window is wider. This is useful because when I was testing 2m WSPR recently I could see out-of-band WSPR transmissions and could re-tune in order to get a decode and then help the sender tweak their frequency accuracy.

Roger G3XBM said...

David, I tried it on the old PC but have yet to try it on the later PC. Yes, the real time waterfall is useful. On WSPR-15 I had frequency stability issues on MF.