29 Jun 2014

UKAC contests

Next Tuesday is the next 2m UK activity contest.  The following Tuesday, July 8th, it is the next 70cm activity contest. I missed the last session as we had visitors. These Tuesday evening sessions are well supported and well worth coming on for if only to work a few squares and to give others some points. Even my modest power and just one session has given me a respectable place in the overall scoring.

In the last sessions I used 5W pep to either a 3el on 2m or 5el on 70cms. Even with this very modest station (FT817ND) DX out to around 200km seems to be workable, more with a lift. I am lucky to live on top of an East Anglian "hill". The take-off must be pretty good and I am blessed (for now) with a quiet noise floor on all bands.

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