15 Jun 2014

The joy of Windows or is it Dell?

Last night my new Win 8.1 Dell PC decided it needed to install updates. I chose to  switch off until restarting this morning. It said "Loading Windows updates. Do not switch off your computer". Being a good boy, I obeyed and waited as it got to 81% complete ...... and waited, and waited, had breakfast, went for a walk, had more breakfast and still it said 81%, please wait. In all it had now been 1 hr 40 minutes!

At this point I was about to ring up that nice Dell man in India when I decided to turn off the PC and try again. THIS time it sailed through 81% and reached 100% complete in no time. PC works fine! What the heck was going on?


Steve W said...

As you already know I am no fan of Windows 8, but 7 is no better in loading the updates..

It can take ages Yawn! You just have to leave it and let it get on with its business Zzzzz!

Infact in all of this, I have moved to a dual boot system with Unbuntu Linux and Windows, and yes I still keep a couple of XP systems which for Amateur Radio operation there are no real problems.

73 G1KQH

David (G0LRD) said...

My wife's laptop did exactly the same thing yesterday following a Windows update. Turned it off in the end and then it was fine.

DaveL said...

I've had nothing but trouble with windows automatic update on multiple XP machines, so I just switched it off. Don't know if that's an option in 7 or 8. My question is: what the heck is wrong with a brand new operating system that it needs to update daily???

Roger G3XBM said...

DaveL - Of course Windows XP is no longer a Microsoft supported OS.

Agree about new OS's - WHY do they need to update these so often?