17 Jun 2014

Ten-Tec Argonaut VI

See http://www.tentec.com/argonaut-vi-qrp-1-10-watt-transceiver/

Despite missing some key bands, all reports are this is a very good QRP radio from Ten-Tec. However at $995 in the USA (similar in £ in the UK with import duty and VAT tax) it is simply too expensive to ever consider.

All I can say is are Ten-Tec in financial trouble? The true market price  here in the UK must be less than £700, so they are about £300 adrift in my estimation.

Even in the USA $995 for a rig with no 60m, no 12m and no 6m is way over the top. Just compare with the FT817ND for example. Even the Elecraft KX3 is much better value,  in my view.



David (G0LRD) said...

I think it depends what you want and whether the price is within your means. The price is steep but that rig reportedly has superb receive performance and pleasant ergonomics. If you have engineered your life such that the price is within your means, then I'd say good luck to anyone who pays extra for something with a bit more polish. That said, there is definitely a problem with the price of USA imports into the UK.

I'd certainly hesitate to label someone as having poor sense because they spent their hard-earned cash on something they wanted.

Steve W said...

The problem over here is the dealers cut, well they have got to keep the lights on and pay the staff, and of course don't forget the VAT! The Trade price is doubled, then they add some HMRC, stick it on the shelf and then wait for some nice gullable Amateur to pass by and purchase it, and of course poor old dealer has to give you a guarantee.

73 G1KQH

Roger G3XBM said...

In the end, if you think you can afford one then of course you can buy one. The decision on how to spend hard earned cash is very individual.

Personally , I'd like one - have also seen great reports on the RX and ergonomics - but I'm not prepared to spend that amount of my money in that way. Had it been £700 it might have been very different.