27 Jun 2014

Storms stop play, again

As of mid-afternoon I have gone QRT on all bands, disconnected antennas and turned off all rigs because of the threat of storms. These are also forecast tomorrow. It is a pity, but I believe a wise precaution.

There will be plenty of opportunities to chase Es and GDX on 6m and 10m.

On 2m I was again beacon hunting: there is one heading that allows me to hear (by ear) the GB3VHF, ON0VHF and PI7CIS beacons. I need to look again for the Cornish 2m beacon. Last time I searched I could not find it even on MS pings and I was wondering it was off the air?  This search will have to wait until the threat of storms has passed.

For lightning maps: http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime?lang=en . This shows storms steadily crossing this region.

UPDATE 1910z:   It looks like the storms have bypassed our area today.

UPDATE 2030z:  Another storm moving this way.  May be here during the night?  Will leave things disconnected.

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