23 Jun 2014

Lightning maps

If you missed G0LRD's comment in an earlier post you may want this link that shows lightning activity:


There are storms in Eastern England and very many over the Alps. Interestingly  the CN8 to OZ path has been open on 6m Es today. Some believe there is a correlation between Es and thunderstorms.

UPDATE 1720z: At the moment, the storms have ended but the lightning map shows a further storm is due to come through. At present it is over the Peterborough area and moving SE. I think it is best to NOT reconnect the antennas today.

UPDATE 1751z: The storm over Peterborough seems to be moving in an easterly direction and may miss our village with luck, although I can now hear distant thunder to the north.

UPDATE 1812z:  The storm is definitely tracking east over the Bedford Levels in the Fens, towards Littleport, so should miss us.  Even so, I'll stay off air tonight.

UPDATE 2016z:  According to the lightning map, all thunder storms have now died out in the UK. I'll reconnect antennas in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

WWW.blitzortung.org is another useful lightning mapping website. However this is not a network of commercial equipment but an amateur very large network which measures the delta delay between a strike's reception and the next GPS second. With a large number of sites this method works very well, avoiding analogue DF issues.

A recent upgrade shows radiating lines from a strike to the stations that have recorded the stroke, this gives a very interesting dimension to the data with very little delay between the event and the display.
Networks are now growing in the USA and Oceania too.