26 Jun 2014


As my vocal chords are still not right, I am trying to limit myself to digital (keyboard) modes like WSPR, JT65 and JT9. This afternoon I worked SV1BHF on JT9 on 20m when using 5W.  No great DX but I see from PSK reporter I was copied in the USA as well.  CQs by me on 10m and 6m in JT65 went unanswered. I have now gone back to 6m WSPR.

We had our 3rd Virgin Media broadband outage this afternoon.  I reported it (someone already had) and it was quickly fixed (under 3 hrs) but it is annoying when it happens. Still, the  broadband is fast now with claimed speeds up to 50MB. Even over wi-fi it was almost 30MB, so can't complain.

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