8 Jun 2014

Evening Es on 6m

Just CN8LI (2113km) at 1724z at -6dB S/N this evening via 6m Es. Otherwise very quiet on 6m.  Most spots were by G4IKZ (18km) who has been spotting me all day. A few spots from G4KPX (14km) too.


PA2RF said...

Hi Roger,
I let swspr run on 6m today and to my surprise my 10 watt signal reached 4X1RF, Israel. No UK stations for me today unfortunately. 73 Ron PA2RF

Roger G3XBM said...

Ron, I have been spotted 9 times (1W ERP here on WSPR) by 4X1RF and it is 3519km from me.

Seems too far for Es and no stations copied at intermediate range if multi-hop Es. Any thoughts?

PA2RF said...

Double-hop Es ?


Roger G3XBM said...

With double-hop (or even three-hop) Es I'd expect to copy at least some intermediate stations at the first (or second) hop. In my case there were NOT stations audible on the path at all, just 4X1RF. I agree multi-hop Es is most probable, but I have a little bit of doubt about it being F2. Also CN8LI could be F2 as well?