19 Jun 2014

Concentrating on one or two bands?

With limited space for antennas, it seems sensible to concentrate efforts on just a couple of bands only. As my favorite band is 10m, I am tempted to erect a more efficient antenna for this band and maybe put up the 6m V2000 only during the Es season. My problems are (a) a lack of mobility because of my stroke and (b) choice of compact, efficient antennas. At present I can cover 40, 20, 10, 6, 2 and 70cms, plus 630m rather inefficiently with my earth electrode antenna. Perhaps, whilst my health is not too good, I am better sticking with what I've got? I know that on 10m my antenna could be better but the Par end-fed covers 3 bands (10, 20 and 40m) and my 2W QRP has reached VK on WSPR on all these bands and doesn't do a bad job.The Par is is almost impossible to see in the air.

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DaveL said...

If I wasn't thousands of miles and an ocean away, i'd drop by this weekend to help with putting up antennas. There must be someone who reads your blog and lives a little closer?

KF7JAF (in sunny Southern Nevada, USA)