27 Jun 2014

Cashback on Yaesu products

It doesn't surprise me but G1KQH has told me that Moonraker (and others?) is offering the FT817ND for just £459.95 after a Yaesu cashback deal. I paid £499 from MLS for cash a few months ago.

Based on the favourable change in exchange rate much lower prices should be expected soon. And, of course, the replacement for the FT817ND is nowhere to be seen.

BTW, I recommend you don't buy patch leads from Moonraker - the ones I bought were useless at both ends with intermittent joints. I guess they just buy these in, but it would be good if they actually checked some as well! All I am saying is Moonraker (and others?) should periodically do quality checks on products they sell. There really is no excuse in the 21st century for selling poor quality goods. I did complain to Moonraker who offered me money back or exchange. Exchange for the same quality?  No thanks.  Andrew G6ALB kindly replaced the coax connectors at both ends  - a decent solution. I guess buying a rig from them is low risk. Patch leads? Definitely dodgy unless you know the supplier checks stock for quality.


G0FTD said...

Moonraker ? I had a chuckle while looking at their website -
http://www.moonraker.eu/about-us/ especially at the bottom of the page and the photo entitled "A typical delivery from the Far East".

Those boxes of radios look a bit crushed to me

Maybe these are special Chinese flat pack radios ? ;-)

Not sure I'd wanna take my chances buying them !

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes, the consignment picture shown does not exactly fill one with confidence does it? I am surprised they show crushed and damaged boxes on their website.