21 Jun 2014

6m overnight tonight

As 6m has been open for Es most of the day, I'll reset the clock and leave the software to run overnight and hope the WSPR program does not crash in the wee hours.

The chances of really long distance multi-hop Es must be slim, but there is an outside chance.

UPDATE 2225z:  G0OQK (98km) is still spotting me regularly by aircraft reflection or pure tropo.


Nick Garrod said...

Hi Roger,
My setup for 6M WSPR is a FT-817 fed from a V2000 vertical, located 600ft asl in the Chilterns. I will connect a TX feed in the next few days, as I have been on nights all week with no spare time. An interesting blog by the way. regards Nick G0OQK

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Nick. We have very similar set-ups then except my antenna is much lower and fed via lossy cable (I estimate around 3dB loss in the feeder).