11 Jun 2014

6m odd conditions

Apart from CN8LI (2113km) and G4IKZ (18km) no-one else is spotting me or being spotted by me. If these are Es conditions (to CN8LI) I am surprised that more stations are not copyable. No GDX stations being copied either.

The last spot of CN8LI seems to have been at 1544z (no spots since then) and since then I've only seen local G4IKZ.
6m spots by CN8LI today (to 1536z)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I also found signals were extremely variable today. CN8LI was also the only station I heard all day on WSPR, but at times was incredibly strong. The signal strength was VERY variable, bouncing up and down 50dB in a few seconds.
the band was open to Spain (SSB and CW stations heard)
but no WSPR TX ers. Still waiting to copy you from Paris on 6, Cheers, F/G6AIG

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks. The considered wisdom is this is Es. The lack of intermediate stations seems to be as a result of few WSPR TX stations being active at the time in the right places.