28 Jun 2014

6m - no Es today?

I was late getting on to 6m today, not turning the rig on until around 0940z. At around 1300z everything was disconnected because of nearby storms until mid-afternoon.  Apparently I missed some early Es to HB9. Here I have not seen any sign of Es all day on 6m.

All I have seen here are locals and GDX on 6m. There is still time for some Es, but I would be surprised to see any.

UPDATE 2042z:  Still no 6m Es here today. Going QRT within the hour.

UPDATE 2054z:  G8EPA (61km) has been regularly spotted here this evening at up to -15dB S/N on WSPR. When Doppler is " against" him (-3Hz), he has been as low as -27dB S/N. There is definite evidence of planes on his signal (up to 4 traces in single 2 min slots) but at this range I expect to be able to copy by pure tropo in the absence of planes. 

UPDATE 2105z:  Now QRT on all bands and antennas disconnected.


Nick Garrod said...

Roger I have had 6 on all day with no ES, but plenty on 10M.
I leave my antennas connected all of the time and we had some thunderstorms here.
We had a Junior team event at my sailing club, with over 80 children taking part and 15 dinghys on the water at any time. We had 2 close thunderstorms and after three blasts on the horn from our control boat all of the dinghys capsized to get the masts down, then those of us in the safety boats got them out and off the water as quickly as possible.
Thank you for the link to the lightning website, it was useful.

Nick G0OQK

Zak The Rabbit said...

Roger, today (30th) Im WSPR'ing on 6m. 1W out, 3 el yagi (horizontal unfortunately from your antenna point of view) but aimed SSE from Selby, so beaming roughly over you! 5% Tx cycle.