30 Jun 2014

6m - more Es tonight

EB3EPR (1248km) has just spotted me on 6m WSPR at 1904z.  Still no sign of super-DX here. I am still hoping to copy,or be copied, transatlantic on 6m.

4X1RF (3519km) has just spotted my 1W ERP again on 6m at 1916z. Best DX for over a month.

UPDATE 2120z:   Will leave WSPR running overnight in the hope of super DX by multi-hop Es (probably a faint hope!).  Earlier this evening v2.12  decided to close (Win 8.1 updates?) so will reset clock etc before going to bed. Best DX recently is G0LRD (25km)! Incidentally, it looks like G4IKZ (who is in Hardwick, Cambs) is more like 22km (not 18km) from me: using longer grid locators puts us further apart.

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