24 Jun 2014

6m - CN8LI copied on WSPR

At 1646z I copied CN8LI (2113km) on 6m WSPR for the first time today at a strong -9dB S/N. I think we are seeing the teatime peak in Es. He was also copied again at 1754z at a strong -9dB S/N. No other Es seen today (yet). He copied me again strongly at 1806z.

UPDATE 1844z:   CN8LI has (so far) been seen 5 times this evening. He was a remarkably strong +4dB S/N at 1826z.  Just like a real local!  So far, he has spotted me 6 times already today. The "pipe" to Morocco is in place again today!

UPDATE 1945z:  CN8LI has copied me loads of times today so far:
CN8LI's 6m WSPR spots of my 1W ERP so far so far today
UPDATE 2242z:  My last 6m spot of CN8LI seems to have been at 2008z.

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