28 Jun 2014

6m - after the storms

I reconnected the V2000 vertical antenna and rigs just before 1500z today as the storms have passed through and gone for now.

No Es seen yet but G8EPA (61km) is my most distant WSPR spotter in this session. Doppler/drift was low at -1Hz so this is probably direct tropo and not (necessarily) involving planes but I cannot be sure. In the other direction I can check his traces on my WSPR software. With WSPRnet I can see Doppler (or drift) on  my signal but cannot tell if the software at the far end is trying to cope with multiple traces as commonly seen with airplanes.

G0OQK (98km) has been spotted a couple of times this late afternoon at around -21dB S/N.


David (G0LRD) said...

I've been watching G8EPA closely today. I've been using Argo in parallel with WSPR to get a better look at the signals (and to capture them all to files). As far as I can see, all of G8EPA's transmission look identical with a characteristic 'droop' near the end of the period (hence the frequent -1Hz report). None of the doppler traces I saw from him were anywhere near decodable.

David (G0LRD) said...

To summarise my conclusions (in case they were not clear), every decode I got from G8EPA today was from an almost 'straight' signal, with each of those traces displaying an identical frequency drift in 2nd half of the transmissions. Each of these 'straight' traces was also accompanied by several doppler traces, but none of these resulted in a decode, only the 'direct' signals did. So, today at least, doppler was not a factor in my reception of G8EPA.

Roger G3XBM said...

Understood David. He is 61km from me. Although there has been plenty of Doppler on his signals, I believe he is decoding on the non/low Doppler signals, probably direct tropo, but this MAY be when the reflection from a plane gives zero or very low Doppler.