13 Jun 2014

10m WSPR - a good move

CX2ABP (11127km) and FR1GZ (9724km) have both been spotted here today on 10m WSPR, so there was/is N-S F2-layer propagation on 10m, as expected.  So far only EA1KV (1304km) has spotted my 2W 10m signal, but it is early days.

I will stick on 10m at least this afternoon but may go back to 6m later chasing transatlantic Es DX.

It is possible that this 10m N-S DX propagation is a mix of F2-layer and Es. EA1KV is spotting me consistently via Es and it could be only F2-layer from further south where the F2 MUF will be higher?

UPDATE 1530z:  More Es about now on 10m. Spots from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. As I recall from previous Es seasons, openings to Scandinavia seem to become more frequent later in the Es season. Is this to do with thunderstorm activity or some more obscure Es connection? PA0O (440km) is also being spotted by me. This could be short skip Es, or even tropo. I notice G4IKZ regularly spots him by tropo on 6m.
10m unique WSPR spots so far today (now 1545z)

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