30 Jun 2014

10m WSPR - Es and F2

Since lunchtime, there has been Es spots on 10m from Italy, France and Spain. All were spots of me, none of others. I am a bit surprised and wonder if it is WSPR-X was not uploading my spots of others? Looking at the WSPR screen there were a couple of signals that should have decoded and uploaded.   I have now reverting to the standard WSPR software v2.12.

10m is easier than 6m for WSPR with Es is easier to find. Best Es DX today is 1336k.

UPDATE 1630z: Interestingly, within minutes of running the V2.12 software again, I decoded CX2ABP (11127km) running 5W by F2. He was -25dB S/N.This is a decent distance in line with solar predictions for today. At this strength, my 2W would be in the noise at his end. It may have just been co-incidental but it looks like V2.12 uploads everything whereas WSPR-X V0.3  r3058 maybe a little hit and miss? EA5CYA  has also just been decoded OK. Odd no decodes all afternoon with WSPR-X but instant results reverting to V2.12. Maybe it is a Wn 8.1 issue? I'll be sticking with V2.12.

UPDATE 1725z:    Yet more Es -  EA4GDE now being spotted with 200mW.  Since returning to V2.12 all spots have been of others.


David (G0LRD) said...

Your experience with WSPR-X is surprising to me. I've never once noticed it behave any differently to the older version as far as decodes and uploading goes. What is different, and might explain you experience, is that it uses the WSJT-X signal input system which allows you to alter the incoming gain. The level needs to be set to approximately the 30dB mark on the on-screen meter when there are no signals present.

Looking at the source code, it appears to me that the decode algorithm is the very same FORTRAN module from the older software.

However, WPSR-X is no longer developed, so I'm interested to try WSPR4 when it's ready.
David G0LRD

David (G0LRD) said...

Actually, having just tried the beta WSPR4, if the only big change is band-hopping, I'm sticking with WSPR-X. I prefer the real time, wider-bandwidth waterfall and the WSJT-X style interface.

Roger G3XBM said...

David, I can't be 100% sure the issue is with WSPR-X but V2.12 works well so I'll stick with it for now.