15 May 2014

Quadcopter drones controlled by wi-fi

On my other blog I mentioned the latest small drones produced by Parrot.

The prices don't seem to have fallen as I had expected. See http://www.pixmania.co.uk/high-tech-gadgets/parrot-ar-drone-2-0-elite-edition-sand/21869578-a.html?ectrans=1&ef_id=U2AUYQAABW1F-nsq%3A20140515154655%3As&gclid=CMvR8aajrr4CFckBwwod_CsA5A&merch=1&srcid=11270 as an example. Prices seem to be £230 upwards.

For me, this is still far too expensive to consider, even though being able to "drive" it from an iPad is fun, as are the on-board cameras which look forwards and downwards. It is like being a real pilot. I saw one in use at a BBQ a few years ago and it was great fun. Even that one got lodged in a tree as I recall.

At those sorts of prices, I'd be far too worried about it getting stuck on a roof or in a tree and that would ruin the fun. Also, apart from the very latest lightweight designs, you'd have to be very careful near people, pets and vehicles.

On the Argos website quadcopters are available for around £55, but I've got no idea about the functionality of these.


Frank Waarsenburg said...

Roger, lesson 1 in flying drones: You Will Crash. Though they get increasingly easier to fly (GPS-, Magnetic Compass- and Barometer-controlled, with Return To Launch if you really screw up), there is always the Pilot Induced Failure, less battery power than you expected and parts falling off, causing a crash. If you really consider flying, build them yourself. It IS fun, but it also costs money. And as I said, the day will come that even the most experienced pilot crashes due to some unforeseen event.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Frank. The one Isaw in use was pretty robust on crashing,but these are not for me yet.