11 May 2014

Non-radio day

For the first time since my stroke last September I ventured out of the county (Newmarket and Bury-St-Edmunds, Suffolk excepted), with my wife, to visit my son and family who live near Canterbury, Kent.

So today was a non-radio day:  no WSPR,  no 2m or 70cm beacon monitoring, no 472kHz. Yesterday the antennas were taking quite a battering from the wind.  I shall be on-air again Monday AM.

With the grandchildren in Kent today
As I cannot drive (currently, as a result of the stroke) we did a day return by train. It was seamless and travel in both directions was fast. We had from 12-4pm with our son and family and about the same time in travel on fast trains, especially in Kent.  It was a lovely day out.

Now we have done it once we may well do it again. Being a Sunday, parking at Cambridge station was easy and cheap. Our son picked us up at Canterbury West station. There were no delays because of engineering works.

Booking in advance, via http://www.thetrainline.com/, and using our Seniour Railcards, the fares were reasonable too.


VE3WDM said...

Very nice to read that you are now getting out and about as for the driving licence that will come in time. Nice to see the picture of you enjoying some special time.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Mike. It was good to get out.

Peter Marks said...

Surely you could have left WSPR running?

But seriously Roger, I really appreciate the way you are sharing your recovery with the world.

Roger G3XBM said...

Peter,I decided to turn everything off as we were out for the best part of the day.

Steadily recovering but swallow and balance still have a way to go. Amateur radio (esp. WSPR) is a Godsend, but still very clumsy when it comes to building.