20 May 2014

Mark Thomas (Channel 4) Secret Map Of Britain

Maybe, like me, you had not seen this YouTube video before. Mark explores some of the places left off some UK maps to preserve their secrecy. In many cases the information is readily available by other means. Apparently the number of places left off maps runs into thousands (at the time the film was made) and yet many places which you might expect to be hidden are not. Bizarre.

At one time Devonport Docks (Plymouth) were blanked out from 1:25000 scale OS maps. Not sure if this is still so. Looking at the map it was very obvious this was a secret place and no doubt a prime Russian target back in the Cold War.  Blanking out the area drew attention to it - the reverse of the intention. Doh!

I make no judgments, just sharing an interesting YouTube link.  I assume sharing this publicly available YouTube video does not contravene any state secrets. Mark filmed this for Channel 4 TV here in the UK.


G0FTD said...

Rumour has it that with Cold War 2
starting, only the less important bit of the UK will be shown on
future OS maps.

That only leaves Wales and Scotland
visible from now on ;-)

Roger G3XBM said...

G0FTD - are you trying to stir up trouble here? :-)

Roger G3XBM said...

Of course, Scotland may be out of the UK soon!

G0FTD said...


I actually watched the programme
when it was first shown, and only
recently saw it again.

Mark Thomas used to be VERY good
in the beginning but it got very
boring afterwards.

His stuff on Radio 4 is mind numbing
too :-(

Look on Youtube for the one where he
"runs out of steam" on his sightseeing
balloon, and has the "misfortune" of having
to land right in the middle of the FYLINGDALES
BMEWS site.