8 May 2014

10m Maritime Mobile and lack of DX

W3PM/M was being spotted here this morning on 10m WSPR. This ship was 1982km out in the Atlantic in HN68lf square. As far as I remember, this is the first 10m maritime mobile WSPR station I have copied.

UPDATE 1400z:   4X1RF (3519km) has just spotted me on a day with no DX worth noting in evidence so far.

UPDATE 1500z:  Still no DX (e.g. South America) here.

UPDATE 1735z:  Conditions are still appalling here on 10m. Just 4X1RF and EU stations by Es.

UPDATE 1905z:  Conditions STILL poor on 10m with just 4X1RF spotting me now.  Little chance of 10m DX today I fear unlike yesterday, that turned out quite well in the end, with long-path open to Tasmania (VK7) at 2208z (around 20000km over the Pacific). Based on last night's surprises, I shall be monitoring 10m way past midnight in case of late openings.
10m WSPR this afternoon/early evening

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