1 May 2014


The GB3VHF beacon on 144.430MHz  (and soon to be GB3UHF on 432.430MHz)  is 107km more or less due south of here. Although it is decent signal on the 3el beam, it does not move the FT817 S-meter.

Does anyone know roughly the difference in the Cambridge area of this compared with the old Wrotham beacon? As I recall it Wrotham was a lot stronger.

A weaker signal is no problem, but I hope it is not just me that gets the Fairseat beacon on the North Downs in Kent weaker than the old Wrotham beacon used to be.

I expect to be able to copy the GB3UHF beacon when it comes on-air on 432.430MHz. Currently it is awaiting site sharing permission. It already has a licence from OFCOM.

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