26 May 2014

6m Es today

At 1504z OE1MSB was being spotted here on 6m WSPR using 2W RF. So far, this is the first Es I have seen today. Maybe there will be others around teatime?

I am beginning to wonder if 4X1RF, who spotted me recently, was 6m  by F-layer.   He spotted me no less than 7 times that afternoon, but has not spotted me since, even once.

At 1542z and 1602z G4VXE (136km) was spotted by tropo (maybe some aircraft reflection?) - a good GDX distance - when Tim was using 5W. Tim spotted my 1W ERP at 1558z.

UPDATE 1750z: CN8LI (2113km) has just spotted me twice.  Decent Es.


Tim said...

Thank you for the spot, Roger! I am seeing you, and G0LRD - but not decoding. There's quite a bit of doppler on the signals, presumably due to the aircraft between us.

73, Tim G4VXE

Roger G3XBM said...

Doppler on the VHF bands can really ruin WSPR. Even worse on 2m.

Tim said...

Yes indeed, Roger. Delighted to have decoded you now. A few other signals popping up and down - possibly some patchy Es!


Roger G3XBM said...

There is 6m Es about Tim. Think between us it is tropo and aircraft reflection when the Doppler is favorable.

Tim said...

I agree about the combination of tropo and aircraft for us, Roger. Perhaps when an aircraft is positioned in such a way to reflect, but with minimal doppler shift.

Doesn't look like the Es is making it here at the moment - but will keep running and see what happens.

Very interesting - even with the more 'local' paths. G8HUH/A over in North Devon spotted me earlier, which I was pleased with.

73, Tim