22 May 2014

CN8LI - 6m

Reports from CN8LI have been coming in consistently all afternoon. I assume the propagation is Es but this very non-sporadic! I suppose it is just conceivably single hop F-layer, but I think Es is more probable. Now if only someone another 1000-2000km further south was on too so multi-hop Es into Africa was a possibility. Later in the Es season, multi-hop Es becomes more likely into S.America, the Caribbean and N.America.

At 1806z CN8LI is still spotting me well (-1dB S/N).

UPDATE 2125z: CN8LI's last 6m spot of me was at 1854z (+6dB S/N) and this appears to be the last today. Just G4IKZ spotting me now, lot of times!

UPDATE 2200z:  finally closed down at  2145z with just G4IKZ spotting me all evening.


Steve McDonald said...

Hi Roger - just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your bloggings....no matter what topic of interest...LF, nanowaves, wspr....I have just become interested in wspr mode and once again, doing a review of 'wspr' sorted blogs has proved to be another fascinating journey!

Building my nanowave station for the first VE7 LED QSO was 100% a result of your inspiring posts. Keep up the fine job!

Steve VE7SL 73

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Steve. These days I am able to do less true experimentation because of my poor health - hopefully slowly getting better.