12 May 2014

Chinese transceivers - a wake-up call?

The English manual for the  KN-Q10 QRP radio kit from China is now available. See http://www.qsl.net/bd6cr/knq10manual.pdf .

It seems like more and more of these kits/rigs are starting to appear from China at very competitive prices. Most seem (to my eyes) to be immature (amateur looking) designs and it could be a few years yet before we see real competition to the likes of Yaesu and Icom. Up to now these Chinese radios look like "back shed" designs unlike the mature, professional jobs from Japan.

But mature Chinese designs are coming!  Be in no doubt.  When it happens big-time it will be a bombshell to the Japanese manufacturers: expect real price competition, leading to offshore, lower cost, assembly by Yaesu and Icom. Expect to see the FT817 back at £350 (or less) next year or the year after.

[Incidentally, every blog and Facebook entry seems to need at least one correction. I am assuming this is not my keyboard but because of my stroke. I am not a good typist and have to look at the keyboard, more so now than I recall in the past. I keep putting the letter "i" where it should be "u" and missing out the odd letter. I also seem to have lots of "n" letters where they should not be. My apologies if you see errors.]

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