19 May 2014

ARRL - thank you (in the end)

7 days and 5 emails later my ARRL user name has finally been reset, so I can now access the ARRL site once again with my 1 year paid subscription. Why did it take so long? Goodness only knows. 7 days should have been just a few minutes.

I wanted to say something good about the ARRL but this total fiasco has rather left me speechless and lost for words to adequately say how I feel.  They should have done better - NO excuses.

At least I can again access the ARRL site. As far as I can tell the site was muddled by having had a 90 day free trial membership before becoming a fully paid up member. Why it took 7 days to sort, goodness only knows!

ARRL:  1/10 for effective member support. I'd wanted to say something nice but just cannot,honestly. I just hope others fare better than I did.  Why cannot you reset your user name online? Their online help is flawed if you lose you user name as I did in a PC crash.

In my experience the RSGB does a much better job at supporting its members.


Steve W said...

I found it was cheaper to get a ARRL book (which you couldn't get from the RSGB) via Germany, than direct from the ARRL??

Roger G3XBM said...

Steve - interesting!

Steve W said...

The ARRL "Hardback" 2014 ARRL handbook was too expensive to import direct from ARRL, you could not even buy it in the UK via the RSGB sales? I asked the ARRL to look into this but all they did was send me a list of other possible sources I could try.. Non on the list I went for, through one reason or another. However I did find Amateurfunk (http://www.box73.de/product_info.php?products_id=3004) were stocking it, delivered at least £20 cheaper (non member price) than the ARRL shipped members price price? Thats just proof a membership of both ARRL and RSGB doesn't work for one?

It arrived two weeks after ordering via the amateurfunk Website, which can be a bit tricky to use if you don't understand German, but I just kept running each page through the translator until we got there, well it did save over £20

73 G1KQH